In brief, GCA began in 1966 as American Christian School under the direction of Pastor Dale Burden. The founding church was Fairmount Park Free Will Baptist Church at that time. The church and school both relocated to property in Virginia Beach in the late 1970’s, and the new ministry name “Gateway” was born. The 1960’s were full of unrest, politically and spiritually, in America. Virginia public schools actually closed their doors for a time due to racial struggles over the newly adopted civil rights laws. Many private schools sprang up at that time for the wrong reasons (mainly to flee forced racial integration). This was not the case with Gateway, as it was founded for a much purer cause! Pastor Burden simply wanted a place where his kids (and many others) could still learn God’s Word and pray. He wanted a place where Jesus was still the focal point at school Christmas and Easter programs. He wanted a place that would proudly proclaim Jesus Christ as God’s Son, teaching boys and girls to do the same. Gateway Christian Academy is still proclaiming Jesus Christ as God’s Son! Literally, thousands of boys and girls have walked these halls. Many are grown now. There are pastors, missionaries, Christian school teachers, professional businessmen and women, and Christian people in nearly every walk of life scattered around the world who have attended and/or graduated from GCA!