The Arts

Seeking beauty, truth, and goodness for the glory of God.

Engage in the arts at Gateway Christian Academy! Unleash your creativity and talents in our classes, where we promote the beauty of God’s creation through every brushstroke and melody. Join our passionate community of artists, musicians, and performers as we strive to glorify God through artistic expression. Experience the joy of nurturing your artistic abilities, fostering a deeper understanding of God’s creativity, and inspiring others through your unique gifts. At Gateway Christian Academy, let your creativity soar as we promote beauty for the glory of God. Enroll today and let your artistic journey begin!

Music Classes

We are pleased to be able to offer weekly music classes to all kindergarten through high school students, providing them with an exceptional opportunity to explore the realm of melody, rhythm, and harmony. Our skilled and passionate music instructors will guide students on an enriching journey, honing their musical talents and nurturing a deep appreciation for the gift of music. From learning basic notes and chords to mastering advanced techniques and performance skills, our music program is designed to inspire a lifelong love for music and foster a sense of artistic fulfillment among our students.

Private Piano Lessons

At Gateway Christian Academy, we take pride in nurturing well-rounded students, and to complement our regular curriculum, we offer piano lessons for beginner-level students. These specialized lessons are available to GCA students at an additional cost, ensuring a tailored approach to their musical development. The demand for these classes is often high, resulting in a waiting list that speaks to the popularity and excellence of our music program. The extra charge for these classes is conveniently billed monthly, making it accessible and easy for parents to support their child’s artistic growth. 

Chapel Music

In weekly GCA Chapel meetings, students often take part in the music by leading the songs and playing instruments. This opportunity allows students to become stronger musicians and provides an experience where students can get a taste of what it is like to lead ministry. Whether they are leading their fellow classmates in worship from the platform or joining their voices together unto the Lord from their seats, Chapel is an unforgettable experience!

Vocal & Instrumental Competition

High school students from Gateway Christian Academy participate in the TriState Christian School Competition every spring in the vocal solo, duet, trio, quartet, choral ensemble, and choir categories. There is also a piano and solo instrument category. Each year, our students impress the judges and audience with their incredible talent and dedication. Their captivating songs and strong vocals leave a lasting impact, showcasing our school’s commitment to the Christian faith and artistic excellence.

Arts & Crafts Competition

The spring TriState Christian School Competition also offers the opportunity for students to compete in a wide variety of arts and crafts:

  • Creative Writing: Essay Writing, Poem Writing, and Short Story Writing
  • Platform: Oratory, Poetry Recitation, Illustrated Story Telling, One Act Play, and Famous Speech or Sermon
  • Visual Arts: Photography, Videography, Digital Design, Digital Editing, Painting, and Drawing
  • Traditional Crafts: Metal Crafting, Wood Crafting, Ceramics, Clothing, Crochet, Needlepoint, Embroidery, Cross Stitch, Crewel, Handmade Dolls, Knitting, Quilting, and Needlework