Student Life

Welcome to the Crusader Family!

GCA students have the opportunity to participate in many activities that are beneficial academically, socially, and spiritually. Weekly chapel services provide a spiritual boost, field trips and library access encourage curiosity and hands-on learning, music and art classes engage creative minds, and athletic teams promote healthy bodies.


Gateway Christian Academy holds a weekly chapel for all grades. This unifying spiritual gathering includes impactful singing, practical preaching, Scripture readings, and heartfelt prayers for staff, faculty, and students. Scripture-based messages are brought by Gateway Church and Academy staff and faculty members as well as visiting church and community leaders. This cherished tradition nurtures a strong sense of spiritual growth and connection, fostering a nurturing environment where faith flourishes. By intertwining various elements of worship, the weekly chapel serves as a source of Christian faith, with the hope of guiding students on their spiritual journey and fostering a close-knit Christian community. 


At Gateway Christian Academy, an extensive and thoughtfully curated library stands as a valuable resource for students’ intellectual development. With a diverse collection of reference books encompassing a wide array of academic disciplines, such as history, science, literature, and mathematics, the library serves as a haven for scholarly exploration. Additionally, the repository of wholesome books, spanning classical and traditional literature, offers students ample opportunities to engage their minds, fostering a profound appreciation for reading and learning. The tranquil ambiance of the library facilitates focused study and contemplation, while periodic literary events further enrich the academic experience, encouraging students to cultivate a lifelong passion for knowledge acquisition.

The Arts

Gateway Christian Academy - Va Beach Gateway - Music teacher playing instruments with students


Lunch Program

A well-balanced and nutritious lunch program supplied by our own ably-staffed kitchen is made available to our students and staff. Meals may be bought on a day-to-day basis using MySchoolAccount. A price list and menu is provided each year.

Field Trips

Throughout the academic year, diverse grade levels partake in enriching field trips, strategically integrated into the curriculum to elevate the learning experience. In preparation, advance notice of upcoming excursions will be communicated, necessitating a parental permission slip for student participation. To streamline the process, field trip fees will be conveniently included in monthly FACTS payments, upon receiving consent from parents or guardians. These well-coordinated outings contribute significantly to the students’ educational journey, providing practical and immersive opportunities to reinforce classroom teachings and foster a deeper understanding of the subjects explored.