1st–5th grades

A Christian school is not merely a school with the proper environment for learning. The academic program must also be proper. At Gateway Christian Academy, we believe we have the proper Christian academic program for elementary students. We believe our program is truly God-centered in all areas. 


It is the mission of Gateway Christian Academy to educate the whole person under the authority of God’s Word. We believe GCA can best achieve our mission by training young people spiritually, academically, socially, and physically. Gateway stands hand-in-hand with parents and the church in fulfilling this biblical mandate to train up children in the way they should go. 


Using A Beka Books, Bob Jones University Press, and other traditional texts, GCA offers a full academic program. Your child will learn in a well-structured atmosphere designed to enable each student to concentrate on his studies and achieve his highest academic potential. 


The following is a summary of the basic objectives of Gateway Christian Academy: 

Bible Teaching The objectives of our Bible program are to win students to Jesus Christ, to teach students the contents of the Scriptures, to apply the principles of Scripture to their lives, to develop a love and respect for the Word of God, to help them hide the Word in their hearts, and to make the Word of God the major rule of faith and practice when they become adults. 

Academic Excellence The curriculum stresses academic excellence and encourages the development of individual talents. Emphasis is placed on the basic fundamentals. We agree that a student’s education, in the final analysis, must be measured largely in terms of his ability to read and interpret intelligently, communicate effectively, compute accurately, write legibly, and spell correctly. 

Christian Americanism We teach our students to appreciate and love America and its Christian heritage. We incorporate teaching principles of individuality, self government, conscience as property, and political union upon which our forefathers founded this great republic. 

Character-building Discipline The Bible teaches our goal for our youth is to see them “conformed to the image of His Son” (Romans 8:20). We are dedicated to the goal of turning out a special product—a young person with Christian character and self discipline, academically equipped to go out into a lost world and lift up Jesus Christ without fear or apology. 

Leadership It is our desire to instill within students the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, to take the responsibility to personally do right and to exercise initiative in leading others in the right direction. We feel that the greatest need of our nation and world today is well-trained Christian leaders. 

Manners and Courtesies – Unconsciously practicing good manners and etiquette is our goal for GCA students. Good manners and courtesy are the consideration of the rights and feeling of others and not drawing attention to oneself.